Do any of the pods and other sort of multi effects pedals actually sound decent? I am looking for something for heavy rock and metal, but would rather have something that is more well rounded. Are there any decent multi effects pedals that do distortion and overdrive decently, I am not worried much about actual effects like chorus/flanger or anything, just something that I will be able to get a few decent tones out of but not being limited to metal/hard rock only. Otherwise, if it came down to seperate pedals, what would be good for something like rage against the machine, metallica, pantera sort of sounds, and also the tone from canon rock?
there is a zoom pedal the came out, the g9.2tt which you can see on music123.com it looks pretty awsome
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but does it do it decently? and are there any patch sites for them?


Personally I think the POD is a great product. I've heard good things about the GT-8 too don't get me wrong, I'm just a POD owner myself. I beleive the POD does things really well, a lot of the models are actually surprisingly close. It's persoanl opinion though, the USB on the POD however is a nice feature since it can function as an easy to use recording interface.
I'd say that the best one I've tried was the Boss GT-8 allthough I haven't tried the pod.