hi guys

i've been away for a while.....got a new recording up, altho it was done without my amp (dist pedal only) so guitar may sound a bit empty at times? and theres computer drums which took me ages to do hehehe....coz the tempo and riffs change throughout the song

no mic just yet, so rite now there are no vocals....hope this explanation doesnt scare ppl away hope u can give it a listen.....


its called "in disguise (test)"....ignore the other stuff, its all old crap

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The part where you stop so quickly isn't exactly the best idea for my ears. It's kinda weird, but that may be what you were going for so I guess I can't really say anything.
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hmmmm which part is that? :/ not quite sure....there is a small part where its silent, im supposed to whisper sumthing there when there are actually vocals....not sure if u mean that.

the section where the song changes the tempo to slow and "soft" there are no vocals....its like a little interlude....is this maybe too plain? not sure wat to add here if it is....
sounds very very grunge to me.and i like it. the variation is good and stops it being repetative.
when listenin to it i almost expect kurt to come in with yelling vocals!

good work!
of course it is hard to keep interest without vocals as yet, but this is just a test, and i appreciate the comments.....i would really like to improve it a bit with ur help, so i can get the final cut down real good when i have recorded the vocals too