Im planning on getting a new pedal soon and i was just wondering what i should get. I play mostly Metal and Classic Rock and already have a Digitech Metal Master Distortion pedal.
what kind of sound are you looking for because there are soo many different ones to choose from, for example like chorus, delay and wah, if you tend to play more solo's then maybe a wah pedal could be useful
If you play metal and classic rock you have to get the digitech distortion factory. It has 7 types of distortion ranging from a big muff to to some crazy metal ****. I got it and i have no complaints.
guys he already has a distortion pedal.

i think you might want a Wah-wah, check out the dunlop dimebag wah for metal
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if u dont want to spend too much get the digit tech death metal or metal master

Don't you people read, this guy already has a metal master pedal.
DELAY PEDAL for deffo even the built in delay on my amp makes the solos and chords really come alive its a must have.

What amp do you have ? thats kinda importent. Also a reverb pedal is a very good choice.

if you use a distortion with a multi effects pedal you could have stuff like delay or chorus and reverb maybe noise gate aswell to keep the fuzz down. people say that they suck just because they have a bad distortion (unless u get a good one or have no tonal ear)

i use a zoom 505 mkII for every thing except distortion and for that i have a boss mega distortion.

the zoom is only £39.99 new from bonners music (google it ) are u in america or the uk?
I agree with the guy above, you seem a little unfocused towards what you want. Try a 505mkII, you'll sorta get to know what effects you want better.
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what is a chorus pedal??? sry n00b question

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a chorus pedal electonically delays the guitar signal an combines it with the original signal to produce a doubled, shimmery effect that can go from clear sparkle to warbly watery sounds. check out some sound samples on the net. there's loads of diff types.

chorus sounds a bit 80's to my ear tho!
oh ok. bc everyone has been talkin about em and ive been looking into buying one but never actually heard them played. I was looking for it for my home project of blues. Would it be good for that?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

chorus doesn't have a strong association with blues but i can't say if it would be good for you're particular stuff or not.

really all you need for the blues is a tube amp and possibly an overdrive or blues driver in front. maybe add a bit of reverb and you're there. blues is more about tone than pedals but you might create something interesting if you break the rules!