ok, so i have a fender hss, and love it. i play a variety of stuff, from blues to metal, but i play metal more often. im looking to change the humbucker in the strat, to something with more bite, better distortion while still having nice cleans, also i need to be able to split the coils, so suggestions?
DiMarzio Tone Zone or Evolution. I have the Evolution in my Ibanez, the distortion from that is great, but it has troube with the Clean. The Tone Zone is just great, thats in my Strat atm. Couldnt ask for anything more. Heaps of warmth, and it doesnt get muddy on the lower notes like alot of pick ups do (ie: paf pro, paf). But, also you could get a Fender Enforcer which is really powerful
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up to about 150-200 euro i suppose