Can anyone explain how tapping works and give examples of songs and illustrations if possible.
its just tapping a string at a certain fret look at the st eal this video stuff on this site it will help for examples of tapping think the last Solo in One by Metallica
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van halen like invented it with eruption i think
u use the hand that holds the pick to tap a note on the fret board while u do pulloffs and hammer ons on the same string lower down
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mid night - joe satriani

I wouldn't exactly recommend Midnight to a beginner to tapping though...
The last solo in One is easy to tap, proably the easiest one I know. If you want to make your taps more pronounced when first trying, you could use the side of your pick to tap instead of your finger.
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in this example from the song Lip Gloss and Black by Atreyu.... what u wood do is take ur right (picking hand) and quickly touch down the string at the 14th fret. as soon as u lift ur finger u would hammer on the same string at the 7th fret then at the 10th fret in a fast motion.

so it would be... u tap with ur right, then hammer on with ur left... then ud repeat it starting with the tap again. then its the same thing on the next string.

So... u always tap the number with the "t" next to it with ur picking hand and all others with ur fretting hand... hope this helps... if not PM me for more details

*also see lessons: Tapping*

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Tapping is easy. Basically set your metranome at something easy say for example 60

With your first finger right hand tap the 12th fret, then flick the string down a little. Then play the 4th fret with your left hand first finger and then hammer on to the 7th with ure third finger. Repeat slowly get the movements down, then speed it up and your tapping.

So me variations are tap the 12th twice everytime gives a very randy rhoads sound