A few days ago i was on ebay and i saw a schecter c-1 xxx guitar i was originally planning on buying a schecter c-1 classic for $750 but i got the c-1 xxx on ebay for $340 brand new because it had a flaw in the paint and it couldn't be sold as brand new. But the thing is the pickups on the xxx are seymour duncan designed which i heard are pretty much crap and the ones on the c-1 classic are seymour duncan jb's and sh-2n jazz pickups which i hear are very nice. The guitar has not arrived yet but can anyone give me an opionion of either sets of pickups so i know what to expect i seen on musicians friend i can get the pickups off of the c-1 classic for $140.
From your avatar i ssee you like A7X they Jb and jazz will be good for most metal stuff and harcore its a very good verstaile combination
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I dont kno bout the other schecters but i bought a c-1 plus and the duncan designed pickups are awesome on it
well look at the money you've saved on buyin it off ebay.....that will more than be enough for new pups. the jb and jazz duncans are a nice combo and well worth the money.....if you wanna know how good they sound, well listen to dave mustaine on any megadeth album. Can use them for pretty much any other style of music too.
x2. The JB is naturally a little trebly, though. JB + Jazz > "Duncan Designed"
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i replaced the duncan designs in my c-1 with an evolution and air norton. it's a great combo. if you want a more edgy sound in the neck, id say hit up a paf pro or tone zone.