what are yalls opinions on these(for the neck position)?

I am trying to decide what pickups to get and I cam across those and the sh-10 that I like.
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perfect for gnr but not sure about the rest maybe could do ac/dc but what are you going to have in the bridge position
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thats what I meant. typo.

I play metallica, Pantera, GNR, Ac/dc, Jimi Hendrix. stuff like that

for a neck, really good pickup, great cleans

you would need something with more output in the bridge if your planning to get those Pantera and Metallica tones. SH-11 or the SH-4 JB in the bridge sound just about right
I've got one in my axe, albeit with trembucker spacing, but it's really nice. You really can't touch those cleans, but it's more bluesy than the jazz. As said before, it can handle GnR with easy ease (lol), in fact it's what slash him self uses, though he actually has two. In my opinion, the pearly gates has too much bite for what you're trying to do, especially the pantera/metallica. I think personally your bridge pickup matters more... idk if I would do the '59, I personally wouldn't find it hot enough, but if you like it go for it.

Bottom line: Go for the Alnico-II. great stuff.
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