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I'm sick to death of my Floyd Rose trem. So, my idea is to chuck a Wilkinsin-style trem on there, purely for simplicity. No more cutting the balls off the strings and all that jazz. I've seen some Wilkinson trems with the same twin-pole style grooves, Im not sure what its called. You know, the two poles that the tremolo itself sits on, that sorta thing. I'm just wondering; is it as simple as just taking off the Floyd and throwing the Wilkinson on there? Would there be any major, or minor even, difference in the height of the bridges? Basically, is this going to require alot of stuffing around to get it sit right and play good? I'm thinking of doing this on a Jackson RX10D. But I also have an Ibanez RG 320 (my first electric, and although its not my main guitar, I ain't doing ANYTHING to that until I know exactly what I'm doing) which I can use as a backup, so if I do buggar this up, I'm not out of the band yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

if you mean a recessed fr trem have fun. when you install that your going to have a huge chunk missing from your front of the guitar. also make sure the stud sizes are the same
Not too concerned with the visual difference. The guitar is black, thats all I need. Just as long as the Wilkinson tremolo will sit ok, I'll be happy.
I'm not sure it's practical to swap the wilkinson in; I think the Floyd has more wood routed out. You could block the trem (doesn't stop string ball cutting, but stops all other floyd problems). You could also sell your floyd guitar to the schmillion guys on the forum who want to put a floyd onto their guitar.
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Very good post Marmoseti, you're on the right track.

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why would u wanna do this?
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i im gonna have to agree with t heff
I would just rather the simplicity of a Wilkinson trem, as opposed to the Floyd. Marmoseti, are you saying you can't just feed the strings through the back of the tremolo like any standard trem? The Greg Bennett Ultramatic uses a Wilkinson floating trem (I didn't mention anything about wanting a floating trem before. Sorry if that confused anyone) and the strings are just fed through the back. I believed this was how they all were.
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Marmoseti, are you saying you can't just feed the strings through the back of the tremolo like any standard trem?

He means with Floyd Roses.

Wilkinsons are basically strat trems with a few upgrades; which means the strings go through the back of the block.
if your to lazy to cut offyour ball ends dont, do it at the tuners feed your strings through the hole and then put the end of your string through the bridge and well string it like you would with a normal string