I've been listenening to Story of the Year's new album, and I like the tone they get on the 2005 album.

Does anyone know what they use as far as amps? I'm pretty sure the rhythm guitarist uses a PRS (Not sure about the lead guitarist though). I'd really like to get the sound they get. Of course, a tube combo would be ideal. Right now I'm playing with a cube 60 and Epi SG, looking to upgrade once I grab some money. (Should be by the end of summer)

Probably looking to spend around 700 on the amp (Used is fine, combo is fine).

I have never heard one of their songs, but since they're "that kind" of band, they probably use Rectos.
Well I figured I wouldn't be able to get the exact amp they use for that much, but I want something that sounds as close as possible.

I could probably go up to 1K if I wait a while. And I'm willing to go used as well.
i think they use rectos. They do in the videos anyway. EDIT: plus it sounds like a recto.

yeah, peavey xxx or ashdown is how to get that on a budget, but be aware that a recto pwns both.

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I'll consider that, I'll start saving for that Mesa.

How about B-52? Don't they have a rectifier or some sort out that has a sound very similar to Mesa's?
I saw on the guitar geek website an ad for story of the year and it said they use line 6 flextones it says so on the line 6 website.

I just checked for you one of them uses a vetta and the other uses a flextone 3 plus
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yeah but still, it also says on the line 6 site that mick and jim from slipknot use spider II's which is utter bull**** obviously
yeah dont trust line 6s website

go with a peavey XXX thatll get close enough to thier sound
seconded, the ashdown is a very under rated amp as well so you might want to give those a shot as well..
Actually, now that I recall... I do remember seeing an ad in Musician's Friend about them using a Flextone III.

Maybe I'll check that out.