No one ever sees beyond tomorrow nowadays
I like your face on all those high defined displays
I found that grateful death means nothing but disgrace
Everyone cried today cause our world is dead in space

Oh Baby Baby it won't get any better today

I try to concentrate but my head got thrown away
Today's my sadest day and my happy day is gray
My schizo's bipolar and my memory was erased
I'm narcissistic, cold and I live with human waste

Oh Baby Baby it won't get any better today

My friends all died the same way and I think I will so too
If god alive he hates us all and yes he hates you too
Everyone tries to tell me that I'm waisting all my youth
I know that I lie constantly but baby that is the truth
Social commentaries only work if what you say is true. Other than that, it sucked. Like, big time.

Rock On
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Re-Hashed, cliche.
I don't want to be mean, but, do you know what your even talking about as far the 'issues' you're regarding in this song go?
And if you say the war so help me....

Nicest way possible,
I'd say pitch it and try a whole new concept.

Best of luck and keep writing, mate!
Fears a powerful thing
Lol, I don't know bout any war but I know how I feel sometimes, especially when I'm let down or yelled at.
Maybe I should have explained it more before I posted it.
I wrote it while I was sort of depressed and pissed off with everything, and I wanted to write a song that you can sort of listen to when you are in that particular mood and at the same time it should show how ridiculous it is, compared to problems other people have.
Dunno, doesn't mean you have to take everything for pure truth, was just a sort of pissy-mood song, might be a cliché but it just felt right writing it.
I won't pitch it, we've already integrated it into a song that turned out quite well I think.