Ok, I know its been covered billions of times before, but heres mine. Im mainly looking to see if the music will play on other peoples computers, because its taken me a while to get it to work. Also, I know the timing is off in some places, but this was just a quick runthrough that took me about 5 minutes to play and edit. Also, try the other link on my page. Its supposed to be the trooper, but Im not sure if it will work for you guys. Last, how is my tone? what should I do to it to make it better? Dont give me any crap like "Get a new amp because Line 6 sucks" please... Thanks


Edit: sorry but for some reason the hyperlink thing isnt working so you may have to cut and paste
If you get the link going Illl listen, I love this song =P

Edit: Sounds decent..but like the guy above me said, tone is kinda muddy and thick, and timing can be all over the place. Solo needs a bit of work and the song needs to be touched up a little, but not bad.
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^No, I used the backing track, but I dont think it was a very good one. I dont know why, but when I record, it sounds like my timing is okay, but then when I play it back, its off by a little. Its like that with most songs I try to play... anyway, has anybody tried to play The Trooper to see if it works? for some reason it just wont play on my computer, and Im wondering if its just my computer because I've been having a lot of problems with it lately.
Hmmm. I've had timing probs with my software before too, I just had to re-install it. And no, The Trooper does not work. I tried downloading it and it just says program not found...
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Nice man! Your tone is awesome

I barely even notice the timing dude, don't get yourself all worried about it. I loved the cover man, keep at it!

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tone fits the song very nicely...although i did notice some timing clashes with the drums early on.

good job overall
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first of all the tone is really good, and fits nicely for this song, but the rest needs more practice
technically youve got that song down, but you should play more often to the backing track and get the feel .
There were timing errors almost everywhere which kinda ruin the flow of the song, solo needs work aswell .
Id suggest you to just jam along more often to backings to really get that feel down you know
here goes...

tone is decent, thick, heavy, perfect, although the quality could be a bit better.

intro is played pretty well, main riff started at :34 is a bit sloppy, especially the fills. But that can all be fixed pretty easily. It might be me, but I think the picking on the open A string is wrong.

Skip to the solo...

tapping is good. Bends are a bit flat in places, put a bit more vibrato on them. Sounds like you just rushed it a bit, because timing is off in a few places. And, you messed up the last fast lick.

Not bad, could use some more fine tuning, and the solo needs some work. Quality was ok, but the drums need to be turned up.

your timing is an issue.. a lot more practice will do it..

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Your pulling it off.

Quality of recording - bad, needless to say.

The flow wasnt doing it for me early on. timing was off early. The more you play it the more it will flow.

Tone was thick, sounds like original.

Solo is there, which is good. Id say just make it flow better. My advice for this is just change a couple notes in it to suit you better.(in key)´To me having a song flow is the most important of all.
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