Hey Guys im going to start looking for a new amp for xmas, u may thing that its a bit early but i start thinking about it on boxing day

anyway i want a valve amp for prefeurably under £700

combo or stack not botherd, cant go used (dont ask, and i mean dont ask)
i have an Epi les paul and i want ideas for pickups as well, i been thinking about symore duncuns, super distortions or something.

i want a kinda metallica sound deep but not over bassy.
its gotta last for a good while.

Recap: vavle amp , mettalica sound, new pickups , not to bassy £700 (if ur gonna sugest a half stack the price dont go up for the cab)

Thanx dudes
Wait, why not just use your Dual Rec?


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fuk u guys i have one and it kicks ass, ver versitile and lots of upgradeable fetures. and ofcourse its a pracice amp, no one is gonna mic up a 15watt ss combo. sounds great for more classic tones but i wouldnt recoment it for metal.hard rock maybe but not metal

PS i have mesa dule recto so dont start slaming me for inexperiance
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one more thing could u name a model not just a make that would help alot thanx
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it died when i got home from college. i won £4,000 on a skratch card and got it when i got the money like same day and i think i used the wrong speaker impendence or some **** but its ****ed and they said " the garunty doesnt cover accedental damage" or u fuking up basicly
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Shut down!

Where's the Dual recto now?!?! LOL

Slightly dodgy story.....if you had the money to but the recto, you'd have more than enough to fix it. It can't be all that bad, and the warranty covers just about everything.

yeah i bought a car too, mazda MX-5 propper good deal from a frieand of mine. thats got a fuking flat now too. blown all my money or as close to anyway
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why can't you go used?

i knew someone would ask, xmas pressie, family are chipping in with me plus i like to play with the boxes