If you had a huge pool of money to buy the bass of your dreams, which bass would it be?

I would go over to Carvin, plunk down the cash and ask them to make me a bass that resembles the Gibson EB-2 body and headstock, but with their fretless neck with fret markers. They won't do it, but maybe with the cash, they may set aside some time to help me find someone who can do this as a side project at their factory. The neck has to be the width of a four string bass LB-70, but must accommodate 5 strings (E A D G C), with a Wilkinson bridge (no longer made, but with the cash, I'm sure they can track them down). The electronics would be stock, with the phase switch and the midrange tone knob.

It would be a transparent crimson red finish over AAAA quilted maple, with gold hardware.

Instead of having them put in their version of the jazz pickups, I would ask Fred Hammon of Hammon Engineering to make me two low impedance Dark Star pickups with 5 pole pieces to fit into this bass. If money is no object, I'm sure he can do it.

Then, I would send it off to H G Thor labs and get the fingerboard finished with their glass-like fnish.

This would be the bass that I would like to get. How about you?

If I have any money left over, I would put it towards looking for the two "Holy Grail of basses"--The '62 P-bass played by James Jamerson and the fretless Jazz bass played by Jaco Pastorius. They have yet to be found... They would be returned to their rightful estates with the agreement that I can play them once in a while.
6-string Traben with a crossed hammer bridge. Y'know, while I'm at it, a DOUBLENECK Traben, with one 6-string and one fretless 4-string.
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A Ken Lawrence Chamberbrase II 7 string tuned BEADGCF. It would have EMG pickups, a finger ramp to match the top wood (most likely a walnut burl). 36 frets, a five band onboard EQ, mandolin frets, and an ebony fretboard. The body would be ebony also, but with some kind of burl on top. It would (preferably) have a 19mm string spacing. It would be neck through, with the best fretboard inlay ever. A portrait of Richard Nixon spanning from the 9th to the 14th frets.
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1) Warmoth parts. I'd definetely be a Jazz bass, I'll make 2 of them. One has to be ash body maple/rosewood deck and SD Antiquity pups, badass II bridge. THe other will have some exotic wood, and top of the line electronics, and will have string-trhu config. But I'm also down for Bartolini insides. I just think that owning a Jazz is a must. The one you build yourself is just so much more appealing =)

2) I think I'm goona be out of the 5-string game soon. I'd rather be a master of 4... Depending on the decision, my second bass has to be either Warwick Streamer 4 or 5, with j/j config. With LED's.

3) a bass PODXt Live, and an Eden Preamp. That's all =)
stupid custom made stuff.. I'd get a fender jazz.
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I'd give fender custom shop a call and demand they make me two 6 string basses, one humbucker two j p/u's in each. high quality maple neck, ebony fretboard, orange/goldish colour with matching/coloured headstock. one fretted and one frettless lined.

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz
Fender MIA Precision
Musicman Bongo
Boss TU-2
EBS ProLine 2x10 x 2
I'd make my squier precision hardcore first, I'd get a stingray made up for me, and another P-bass, fender MIA, custom and all that shiz. then some ampegs for backing.

To be honest, putting a limit on what you could spend would make it more fun IMO.
5 string 35' scale with rosewood fingerboard and maple/whatever 'stringers' are made of, 24 frets, two pickups of some kind I'm not sure of, deeper than normal cutaway, tone knob system of volume, treble, bass, and maybe mids, neckthrough, and something similar in fretless or 4string piccolo.
all I need is a Ric 4003 to be happy. Between that and my Schecter Elite-4, I don't need anything else.
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Lol, have the bass of my dreams, black jazz bass, precision neck, emg's. Looks and sounds amazing. What more can i say, does everythin i want to do and a heck of a lot more.
a custom warwick 21 string bass tuned BbbEeeAaaDddGggCccFff, 5-band EQ, 3 octave neck, black satin finish, gold hardware, and EMG's
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I would have Brian Bromberg sell me his upright bass.
something like my sr505, but:
(this is in ADDITION to wat the sr505 has)

one middle pickup (p style, probly 1/4lber)
different paintjob (probably some kind of a design. i like wood but it gets boring)
A nice, very stable, bass trem.
finger ramp so that 1) i can anchor my fingers anywhere, and 2) so that my fingers can land on the finger ramp when plucking the B string.

quite frankly, im a lot more about the amp, so yeah my bass would be kinda boring :P
I would have to go with a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass but it would have to be customized for me... hmmm
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fender jaco pastorious fretless jazz

Why not just Jaco's Jazz? All it takes is money.

A surf green maple neck Custom shop Jazz with 2 splitable MM humbuckers
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custom 5 string alembic electric upright, modulus quantum 6 string, and then i would build my own 4 string, something carl thompson/ritter inspired, bartolini pickups and electronics, graphite neck, exotic woods
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I've decided I'd get a second bass too, and it'd be a Carl Thompson scroll. Four string tenor (ADGC) with a 36" scale, ebony fretboard, macassar ebony top, ovangkol body and maple neck. One EMG pickup near the bridge. I'd have a custom built four string bass Floyd Rose. Hell, I'd have a fretless version made too.

And since money is no object also a 6 string neck thru with a 7 piece wenge/bubinga neck and a wenge fretboard, wood dots with some nice 12th fret design, 24 frets, nordstrand dualcoils w/ aggie OBP-3 EQ, mahagony body wings with a quilted bubinga top, monorail bridge & hipshot ultralights, and dunlop straploks, all in the same basic shape as an Ibanez Soundgear series.
For regular bass playing 3 Gibson Thunderbirds;

Main tuned EADG in the regular Finish
Second tuned BEAD in Nikki Sixx matte ebony but without his graphics
And a backup tuned EADG but in Artice white

The also a 7 String Warr touch style bass/guitar, 7 string BEADGBE like a seven string guitar since i also play guitar so wouldn't want to relearn scales. Also have some fanned frets on it.

At some point id love to buy a fender strat tele p-bass and j-bass all in the same finish same pickguard and same fingerboard as a historic thing.

On top of all that a Fretless 6 string Warwick thumb bass tuned BEADGB