Well I've bought an acoustic guitar, (Faith - Saturn (too nice for me)) learned a few chords, and played Wonderwall to death! The wife and kids are ready to kill me if I play it again.

So for all of you that started on this song, what were the next 3 songs that you learned to play?

Knockin on heavens door-gnr
dead flowers- rolling stones
you aint the first- gnr
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In the same key (capo on 2nd) you can play Bruce Springsteen's Atlanitc City, Just Em-G-C and the occasional D.
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I've just learned that Lifehouse- You and Me, Counting Crows- Accientally In Love
are 2 pretty easy songs to play and sing with. I've only been playing 6 months and just started singing to songs in the past week...and I picked these 2 songs up with ease. Give them a shot.
Yeah I've tried singing and playing.

Obviously I can't do two things at once!!
wonderwall was the first song i learned all the way through as well. i can't remember the next 3 for sure.... but i think that they were some combination of these:

extreme - more than words
dave matthews band - crash
dave matthews band - grey street
hank williams, jr. - country boy can survive

if you know and can play wonderwall fairly well i would reccomend these also though:

james blount - you're beautiful
howie day - collide
old crow medicine show - wagon wheel
tom petty - free falling
I never learned Wonderwall. Or even tried.

Regardless, these are good: F-Stop Blues - Jack Johnson
Blackbird - The Beatles
Oh - Dave Matthews
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Learning to Fly by Tom Petty. It's a good song to learn to sing along with because the strumming pattern is super simple. It's just FFFCCCCCAAAGGGGG ( make sense ?? no pauses, just up down up down up down, and repeat it throught the lyrics: listen to the song for the exact rhythm, it should be very easy )

F xx3211
C x32010
A x02210
G 3x0033 ( thumb on the low E, it also touches the A to mute it )
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try, George harrisons: my sweet lord...youl'l learn some quite good chords and you use the capo on the 4th fret. Sounds great.
Tears In Heaven - Clapton
Mr. Jones - Counting Crows
Good Riddance - Greenday
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd.
I never learned Wonderwall, but I think a song that's around the same difficulty (but a much better song ) would be From The Beginning by Emmerson, Lake, and Palmer.

That's probably the first acoustic song I learned, give or take.
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try, George harrisons: my sweet lord...youl'l learn some quite good chords and you use the capo on the 4th fret. Sounds great.

Where have you seen the tab for this? The ones that I've looked at use the capo at the second fret.

Move On-Jet

its a good accoustic song to play and sing i havent been playing long, but its pretty basic but fun.
I never thought about that one. Jet's, 'Move On'. And it's a good song!

Thank people keep them coming!!!
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did you use a capo on the 2nd fret

It's not necessary to play it with a capo on the 2nd fret.

Put the capo wherever the key fits your voice. That's the point of a capo.
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1. Hurt- Johnny Cash--it was the first song I learned (it only took a half hour and I had only been playing for a week)

2. Wish you were here- Pink Floyd (get to pick a little bit)

3. Crash- Dave Matthews (you'll cramp your hand at first but it is very worth it)