I have a Crate GLX 120 212 combo amp. I would like get a 4x12 cab to add on to it using the extension jack provided. Now it says the jack is wired in series with the 2 internal speakers. It says the output power rating is 120W at 4 ohms and that the speakers are each 8 ohms so i'm guessing internally it is parallel. Should I go with a 4 ohm extension cabinet? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a cabinet I should get? AND since it is in series does this mean my output will drop because of adding on an extension? I need major help.
no it's got a separate effects loop in and out. this is what the manual says exactly: Extension Speaker - Use this jack to connect the amplifier to an external speaker cabinet. This jack is wired in series with the internal speakers which remain active when an extension speaker is connected.