In a world of hate
Freedom?s fight
The fate of many

Why fight when you can love?
Make love not war, release a dove,
Spend some time with a girl you love,
Let time pass you by on the wings of a dove.

Don?t show
Sympathy for another
Helping man
Means helping the enemy


Solo (60?s vibe? CCR maybe? Not quite sure yet)

Peace sells
But who would buy it?
Angst and hate
Sell twice as much

Find a mate, and stay by her side
Leave all the pain and hate behind
When you?re at your true love?s side
Hate and fear will vanish behind.

Solo (Bluesy/jazzy yet sexy vibe ? Brian Setzer Orchestra-y, maybe?)
You know the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar
You're the BLESSED, we're the Spiders from Mars!

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