I know what your thinking..."another sad song!"
But this just happened to me recently and I had some of these lyrics in my head peviously and they just fit.

Lost are u my friend
your consequences without amends
Now our ties cut
with your new life to start
Oh Why oh why do frienships fall apart?

Well I won't forget that day
That June the 5th the phone rang
When Tears came through the line
Then right when i said goodbye
The phone went off without your reply

But I'll bring you back to life
When you feel so dead inside
I'll bring you back to life
Just to keep our memories alive
So keep waisting your time
Living that lie
I'll bring you back to life

And I can't
Express how much you meant
cuz when you walked away from me
I felt every footstep

Now we've got each our own separate path
And still I can't do the math
Why I couldn't do a thing
About all your worrying
Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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GuitarSymphony you are my hero!
Definitely feel the emotion and how personal this piece must be to you.

Lyrically, It's not jump-for-joy amazingness, but the emotion brings it around to a nice attempt.

A few spelling and grammer erros aside, it was a decent piece. 7/10.

If you could take a look at mine? Here it can be found. Many thanks.