Kula Shaker

I am sure that at least someone has heard of them.

Yes, they are pretty old...but timeless nonetheless.

I just wrote a tab for 'Grateful when you're dead' and thought i would start this thread.

Who's heard of Kula Shaker?
I've got K, it's ace, and it's only a matter of time (*and money) before I get Peasants Pigs and Astronauts. I heard Mystical Machine Gun again the other day and was like 'why havent I bought that album yet?'

Grateful When You're Dead, Tattva and Hey Dude are my favourite tracks on K. Hush is great too, though it's the ****test video I've seen of theirs.
theyve reformed. id quite like to see them actually, itd be a bit retro and that...
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
I remember when I just finished my A-levels, me and 10 mates went to Dawlish for a week, rented 2 flats down there, poured beer on cars outside the flat, drank loadsa whisky, danced on the beach til the sun came up, and the song we played all week that week was hey Dude cos it had just been released.

I will always love Kula Shaker for that memory of an amazing week
Im pretty sure i was still in high school when the Kula Shaker wave washed over Britain.

I did enjoy them bucket loads though.
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