damn good for being drunk. i liked ur tone not super annoying like most poeples.
btw u look SO funny at the beggining. i also like how hard ur rockin out and when u go close up 2 the cam for the solo.
I really really really enjoyed that alot...I actually would pick your tone over the one in the actual song, although it is a little to digital for my taste. The solo was kinda screwed up , the tone in the solo was not so great, some unsure notes in there also. All and all though very good. 8/10.
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Yeah i know lol i flubbed some notes in the solo. Two beers ago i would have nailed it lol Its just a behringer v amp pro plugged directly into the computer through the mic slot. Playing a jackson warrior xt on the neck pickup only. Tanx man
I stopped watching the video after awhile. I figured it was best for both of us

Anyways, playing sounded pretty good. Solo was meh, but I understand.

Good job.
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lol you do look really funny at the start. great playing though, that was cool.

Been playing for about four years, just watched the video my self now am sober. God it sucks lol. Aye i have a rythm and lead tone but i couldnt switch em during the song cause i dont have a floor board.
Thing is though if you watch any pantera live stuff, watch two different recordings of cowboys from hell and the solo will be different in both, Dimebag always seemed to change it and play it different, which i think is cool
wered u get the midi i need to so i can do my cover and post here?
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Cheers lol i will redo it ive always been more interested in rthym than lead really. I can still nail it to the ground when im straight though lol
Not bad at all. I'd like to hear the solo when you're sober though. :|
nice playing and nice tone! whats your gears?

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behringer v amp pro straight into the mic slot, and a jackson warrior xt on the neck pickup only
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After having a few beers, and then a few more of them i thought i should cover cowboys from hell....again lol.

Midi backing track, me going mad...****ed up solo...enjoy lol


you are ****in awesome dude, please be my babys daddy!
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Still good though.
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haha cool video man, looked like you enjoyed it, but solo was a bit...different to the original. cool tone though

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Aye i like to personalize stuff lol. Rythm is more my thing though. A smoking lead that impresses the guitarists in the crowd is good aye, but when you can play a crushing riff and make peoples bodies move, thats ****ing powerfull
dude i almost fell out of my chair luaghing at the beginning your face was priceless dude lol...anyway good job i thouyght it was awesome
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Yer u can tell You've played with bands alot. U didnt play the intro riff right, 12th fret boiiii, i dont care but in dimes book he was like "ur gay if u dont play it right".

Solo abit dodgy but meh. Ur rythms tighter than a dolphins arse tho

Good job, rele good video, and u seem to get the point of covering a song (Just ****ing ripping it )