hey heres a song about summer, i'm not sure about the title, but i'd like to see what you guys thought. this is my first song and my first post here.
crit 4 crit
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dude...sall good....but you make it sound like i have amnesia....you dont need "remember" that many times.....also how can a cold dawn have a warm glow? good first post tho
Listen sweetie, if 'hello' dropped its 'o', would that be somthing to believe in? HH sux
well i meant the "warm" to not mean warm feeling, but warm looking.. and i kinda get the point about the remembers.. do you think i should add another verse or something to the song?

want me to crit anything of yours?
Yeah you should add some kind of bridge, or a whole other verse, or both.....im assuming your are talking about a girl.....so maybe the other verse or w/e could be about her...the way she looked or sumthin...just a thought
Listen sweetie, if 'hello' dropped its 'o', would that be somthing to believe in? HH sux
yeah, i like repetition, and the chorus is pretty good.
i have also just posted my first poem, please crit- its in my sig
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i really really liked that man. i'd fullcrit it stanza by stanza but there's no need. i don't have anything to point out (other than the "ooh's" i'm not so keen on them, but i guess it would sound pretty cool if ya sing it) for improvements or whatever. good job. sorry for sucha lame crit, but what can you do haha
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not bad, but i don't like the "remember" thing. use it in the first verse and use some other word in each following one.
if you could plz say something about , i'd appreciate
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