I found this guy fomr china he has a shop on ebay it doesnt seem right though most his guitars are aending in about 2 or 3 hours. There are 100 shipping and 4 GBP. They are gibsons and stuff? Even if they are fakes its a crazy deal. Can someone tell me whats going on here? If theire real Im guna buy them all. lol
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Never trust guitars from China on eBay. They're all counterfeits. Give us a link.
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Do a search.. this was already discussed into the ground so much that one could make Chinese mud.
plywood fakes? if you say its an amazing deal, why dont you buy one? the quality of most fakes are around the equivalent of a walmart guitar
iv seen these as well..nearly bought one too..so r they bull****e or what??the sellers history looks fairly good
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iv seen these as well..nearly bought one too..so r they bull****e or what??

Probably those guitars suck.
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Maybe you just suck at the guitar?

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Seen the woody JEMs?
I'd buy them if I had the dosh purely because of how pretty ibanezs are even though theyd sound like crap.
Basically they are all fakes for bout $200 which is including the shippint. not a bad deal if u just want to hang it on your wall :P
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^^Not cool. Looks like a pyramid scheme to me.
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