Question: I saw this spiffy Ibanez guitar on Ebay but I think the color is, well, putrid. Is it possible to repaint the guitar and still have a nice finish?

Link to the ebay auction:
Auction link

BTW, I'm not looking for a debate on whether or not it's the right guitar, I just want to know if those can be re-painted because the price could be quite nice.
Yeah there's different ways to do it, I've never painted a guitar but I know a lot of people on UG have and a lot of them have come out beautiful.

This thread may assist you, if you scroll down you can see one of AlGeeEater's finished products, its amazing.

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Thanks for the responses. Based on my general incompetence when it comes to the guitar, I'm thinking I would have someone else do it if it's not ridiculously expensive.