anyone know whats best guitar for around this price....personal opinion of course but still any ideas..

got some cash to blow!
You'll always learn the hard way
ok.. .. quids = pounds or roughly a guitar for about 1200 dollars
You'll always learn the hard way
Firstly, what amp do you have? Seeing as you like metal, you might want to check out the Schecter Hellraiser FR, if you use a tremolo since it's equipped with an OFR, and has EMG's around 800 USD which is in your price range. But you should spend your money on a good tube amp if you don't already have one.
i play all sorts mainly down tuned stuff drop c.. but i also play loads of other styles jazz, blues etc. so i need a guitar which is alroundish...
You'll always learn the hard way
Just thinking you might want to check out the Ibanez SZ series, or if you want a tream the S470, the SZ is very versatile, well made, and you can always change the pickups with your extra money and have a kickass guitar.
much obliged cheers.. i think ill just have to go down to london and have a looka round... im a lefty so getting hold of the right guitar is slightly more difficult.. especially with import prices!
You'll always learn the hard way
Soundz like a good idea, just make sure you have a good amp because a good guitar won't sound good without a nice amp. Good luck.
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Anyway.....I dont think you can get a good Ibanez for that price, your looking around 800+ for them. Try some Fenders, Strats, Teles, Jags, Mustangs. They are all around that price, although they have better quality ones at higher prices if you want to save up.

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