They don't pick up anything, can someone help? I just got it right out of the box.
Raise them for now.

Get a screwdriver and tighten the screws on either side so that they come up closer to the strings.

Or do you mean they don't make any sound at all?

Check your volume knob first, then take it in to be looked at.
They work when you move them around in certain spots. Even when I make them work, they still don't pick up as much as they should. And my volume knob is working.

It's the mahogony one.
Well, if they're not working properly, then get it checked out at the guitar store, however, if you have some extra cash, you might want to upgrade them since they're not that great stock pickups.
Alright, I just got the bride pickup positioned to where it's working correctly, how do I keep it there?
It just screws up again anyways after 30 seconds of playing. Anyways, how come if i position the pickups in certain spots it works, but then doesn't work again?
I haven't had this problem with mine... however I did change the pickups after a week... How can the pickups screw them selves upwords by them selves while playing?... do they not have springs on the screws?
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They don't, basically what's going on is the pickups are pretty wobbly, and it won't stay in the right position.
Take the strings off, taken the pickups out and put them in again... it sounds like it wasn't done right or something is missing... mine never wobbled.
Ibanez RG321MH - (PAF Joe / FRED)
Vox AC30
You must have a short in the wiring by the sound of it. Just go to a guitar tech and have them fix it.
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Take the guitar back dude, this isnt a problem you have to deal with.

Dont take it to a guitar tech and PAY MONEY! Take it back to the shop.