Ok, this is probably total crap but whatever...
Epiphone Les Paul sunbursts, I over heard someone who was saying something like they're photographs of sunbursts laminated in or soemthing like that?
I was just like, wait what.... that cant be right...??
BS, the grain on the flame maple top varies from Epi to Epi, meaning that its actually wood... if it was a photo, a majority of them would look the same, and the would be no need for the maple veneer
you see thats what I thought, but he sounded so sure of himself - but yeah, I didnt exactly want to go stick my foot in it without checking up with people more knowledgeable than myself on the subject.
my sunburst epi lamination started to peel. I glued it down and i ended up selling it on ebay.
I heard that too. I forgot where. But it also included Gibson guitars that are laminated veneered. I don't know if it's true since I play fender.
I know that the ones with crazy graphics are indeed laminated on (like Emily the Strange and the Epiphone Zakk Wylde's) but I doubt the sunbursts are.
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some flames, burst an stuff are laminated but most that are, are labeled as such or look phony so its not a hard trick to fall for
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Umm yah, those sunbursts aren't laminants. And neither is the Zakk Wylde Bullseye (since it isn't very hard to do). And no Gibsons are laminated veneer. Thats an Epiphone trick.
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