does anyone else listen to Chris Murray? he does some awesome ska, i absolutely love 'One Everything'.
I can't remeber the name of his band, but i only listen to his solo stuff at the moment, anyone know the band he is in?
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I've only heard one of his songs, on a Moon Ska Europe comp. He goes under the name 'Venice Shoreline Chris' on it and the songs called 'I want to play ska' - it's really good.
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I've only heard dinosaurs but I liked it. I started listening to third wave ska at first but now that songs growing on me.
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^ I sent you that, Cal Yeah, I love Chris Murray, he'd played about a year ago and was a really modest guy, it was a great experience.
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haha yeah pink elephant didnt I pm you recently or something?
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He used to play in a band called King Apparatus I believe.

i got a King Apparatus Cd from asian man records about 5 years ago, it was called Marbles, i thought it sucked and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since.