i know a few dropkick songs, but want to listen to them more. time to go and sunshine highway are my fav. can you tell me the best songs by them that are like that. i dont like there slow songs, tell make me mad. thanks
ps- im listening to micheal jackson right now
If you want good songs, your best bet is probably to stick with the MJ.
drinking and driving....
finnegan's wake
amazing grace
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a few quick questions about the march tour they did in the US

what was the thing they played before dkm came on?

and does anyone have a set list of their show (not the boston shows) ?

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^Go to there site they have like 5 current shows in the states then about 7 in Europe at this point...
They playedm most of the songs off of the new album and not much else, the rest of thier catalouge was played in moderation. Something like:

Your spirit's alive
boys on the docks
the walking dead
Citizen CIA
The Burden
Sunshine Highway
Take it and run
Fields of athenry
Bastards on parade
the auld triangle
gonna be a blackout tonight
finnegans wake
gangs all here
the warriors code
last letter home
the wild rover
heroes from our past
spicy mchaggis jig
kiss me im ****faced
Worker's song

...and a couple more I think, it was a pretty long set.
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devils brigade is their best song.
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I don't even listen to DKM and on my list of things to do before I die is see them on St. Pattys day.
Just listen to anything by DKM. I'm not sure that I've heard anything by them that wasn't good. But my favorite album by them is The Gang's All Here. And if you want a fast song, try Pipebomb on Lansdowne.

Spicy Mchaggis Jig

Time To Go

Skinhead on the MTBA

Finnegans Wake

Walk Away

Those are some of my favorites.