This cover was made quite recently and impromtu.

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I used a MXL 993 condenser for vocals, and a direct line from my Alverez guitar. Both went into my M-audio Mobile pre and were compressed with N-track.

The distorted guitar at the end was created by a Fender Strat into a fully distorted vox pathfinder practice amp and a FAB overdrive pedal. that was fed into the pre and then a Marshall amp simulator with full drive as well as a Boss DS-1 simulator were added.

the effect in the beginning was just white noise from Audacity during the mixdown.
Hi cant complain on your acoustic.. some minor slips in the changes.. and mayb less distortion in the "solo".. and u should sing more from your guts else and oki cover.. (går ud fra du er dansk?? så lidt Dk kritik.. oki arbejde med kvaliteten og tjaa crit for crit http://rektum.dmusic.com/ du er velkommen til at skrive på chinla@msn.com) og diskutere lidt musik.. )
Hello, nice cover! Are you from Denmark?

I såfald, hej med dig (;
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I haven't heard the original but I liked the cover. Great vocals and guitar playing. The end solo was interesting. Pehaps too much distortion? Can you reccomend me some songs buy the band?
Yes! It might have worked and now i can finally get people into this band. i dont really know what your into but try their latest album No balance palace or zitilites, those seem like their most accessible songs. if you want i can send some songs to anyone who asks.
check out their website www.kashmir.dk
dont worry its in english

and no im not from denmark i just have a little danish blood in me thats all. i can speak a bit too.
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Hey, thanks for the crit on my cover

I haven't heard the original, but I really enjoyed your cover. Great acoustic tone. Virtually no mistakes. You voice is good, I kept thinking that you sounded a little bit like Neil Young when you reached the higher notes. I liked how the solo at the end came into the mix--idk how the original is, but maybe yours would be better with an ever so slight bit less distortion. Either way it's not a big deal and sounded good anyway.

GJ man -- 9/10