a friend is selling me a new single EMG 81 kit for a low price, and i'm looking to fit it to my old squier strat to make it a bit more useful until i pick up something more substantial as a backup guitar.

basically, i'll be binning the original pickguard/3 singlecoil set up and fitting a single humbucker pickguard to house the EMG, similar to tom delonges signature model.

i was wondering if the kit will provide me with all i need to completely rewire the guitar, or whether i should keep some of the existing wires and whatnot. ive checked the site and it comes with a battery holder, pots, connectors etc, im just making sure.
Since you're getting a whole new pickguard, all you need is volume pot (and tone, if you want it). Not sure if you can split EMG's, but a two-way switch will take care of that (again, if you want).
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