Im looking into an acoustic and I am wondering wat your thoughts are.

Price Range = up to $300

Acoustic or Acoustic/Electric

I play basically any acoustic/pop rock music.
Washburn D100 is a great guitar.
Stay away from cheap Ovations.
Might find a Takamine at a pawn shop for that price.
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^-- i believe there are both washburn and takamine guitars in that thread
i assume you're talking about a taylor and if that's what you want then go for it! it wouldn't be my personal choice, but i'm not you.
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wat would u recommend

well if you want to stick in your under 300 category... the takamine gs330s and the yamaha fg730s are my two personal favorites in that category.

the only reason i said i wouldn't really go for the big baby taylor is that i honestly feel like you are just throwing away an extra 100 dollars to have the word taylor stamped on your headstock. i'm not saying that the big baby isn't a good guitar, i'm just saying i don't think it is any better than the other two i just listed above and they are 100 dollars cheaper. don't take mine or anybody else's word for it though. get out there and play all the guitars you can afford and then make YOUR decision. if you just absolutely fall in love with the big baby then i would say definitely get it. you wanna get whatever guitar makes you the happiest within your price range. the more you like your guitar the more you are going to play and the better you are going to get.... thus the more you will enjoy your guitar in the long run.