I will sound like such a newbie, but what is and what does that metal extention thing do, toward the back of electric guitar, that just kinda hangs there(a strat for example)????? Does it have anything to do with a pickup? Someone help my confused self...

I saw Frusciante use it once for like somesort of distortion vibrating effect, but I just want this clarified. and while we're on the subject, what electric guitar should I get under $250?
do u mean the whammy bar?
it makes an effect on the guitar that vibrates the pups and creates wicked cool sound
i think he's talking about a whammy bar
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whammy bar, its used in many styles of music and creates a vibrating sound.

with the guitar.., well what type of music do you play?
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The whammy bar or tremolo allows you to loosen or tighten the string. The whammy ar works by eitehr pulling down or up on it, and can be used to pull off verbrato effects.
About the guitar: if you want to use a whammy bar, your're not going to get a guitar with a good bridge ie: Original Floyd Rose, Edge Pro. In addition, with only 250, you might want to look at the Ibanez RG321, however it doesn't have a whammy bar, plus if you don't have an amp, then it narrows your options further.
with 250 u can get firewood.....

save up for a rg321 lol and if one of ur types is metal or rock, rg321 can handle it for first guitar.
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For a cheap guitar get a peavey raptor, like 250 bucks, humbuker, whammy bar, doesn't look too generic, but kinda, sounds great for a dirt cheap guitar, also the ibanez guitar the guys are talking about are pretty good, Ibanez can be trusted, just watch out for floating bridges cus if your a nooby beginner you wont be able to keep tuning the strings and be able to adjust the srpings and trem stopper or whatever
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Yes...it must be the whamming bar. Thanks, dudes.

Good advice pierce34, but I already got a pretty good amp. (I bought it a while back with my ****ty ass-current guitar).

This is kinda random, but are there lessons anywhere to practice scales, and learn pick sweeping? Sorry, guys I'm fucking lazy and cant look for myself.
No problem. Well if you already have a good amp, then probably just save a little more and invest in a good guitar. Def. look at the Ibanez RG321 although again it doesnt have the Whammy bar, if you want a good guitar with a whammy bar than save a little more otherwise you'll end up getting a guitar with a cheap bridge which will most likely go out of tune a lot whenever you use the whammy bar.