Believing in such as a ghost, myth or fable. Believing that a soul of a fallen hero, or to you, is alive and trying to lead you to you?re destiny. Leave me now, or come back later

Tell me why you?ve turned the table
Freedom is good, but revenge is better
Is this the truth, or just a fable?

How do you recognize the fallen one?s that reconcile?
How do you see the faded terms of a destiny?
And if we all believe that you?ve been here
Come sweet darling now take a look in the mirror

Do you believe in me, the lie that was never told?
Does your sin give birth to thee, so follow the man, unfold
If I come to tell you that the table has turned around
Then will I ever know that the lie that you concede
We will believe

How do we know that some hope will come back?
Now that we?ve sold our soul to our fate that?s a fact
So if we sense that there?s a part that?s alive
Then will that part ever come bring everything that we?ve ever wanted to be

Guitar solo