I need y'all's opinion of this, because I'm doing a battle of the bands and I have to shorten some songs to fit in the time limit

Falling (Shortened Version)

(And naw that I've found it, I'm Fa-fa-falling again)

I'll put it down
And never pick it up again
The cupboard closes
And I can feel it coming again
I think I should leave
Now, I'll never stay again
(I feel like I'm dead, And I'm Fa-fa-falling alive)


-Guitar vs. Bass Solo-

I know that I'm falling
I'm Fa-fa-falling away!

yeah sorry about the other post, but as a matter of fact i've read the FAQs, it's just I've been away from the forum a while and i forgot the existance of rules lol sry everyone.
Criticism accepted
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