I heard that David Lee Roth is going to be doing a tour this summer and i was wondering who would be playing with him? Are Vai and Sheehan coming back to play cause that would be awesome
probably not
Motley Crue 2/11/06!
Motley Crue/Aerosmith 11/21/06!
Sanctity/BLS 3/12/07!
Bleeding Through/Slayer/Manson-7/25/07!
A7x/Operator/the Confession/Black Tide 11/25/07!
Van Halen 2/12/07!
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im not talking about a vh reuinion that may or may not happen. Im talking about the tour of david lee roth this summer
If I was a dick, sorry...

I've been wanting to do that to someone, this was the perfect opportunity, I couldn't pass it up.

You're not a noob anyway, it'd be better to do it to some ridiculous noob in the metal forum or something.
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