Poll: Rosewood Vs. Maple Necks
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Rosewood Strat Neck
26 46%
Maple Strat Neck
30 54%
Voters: 56.
Please nclude brief reviews with pros and cons if you want, or just vote. I hear there's no big difference and the rosewood lasts longer and the maple has a sharper tone. The guitar is a Fender Stratocaster. Thanks so much.

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i like the maple smell.. i go home.. grab my guitar and have a sniff
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Maple feels nicer, faster.

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I prefer maple, it's smoother, but harder, and it feels right. It feels faster. Rosewood feels to dry, generally, and it also seems comparatively soft. It always seems either too harsh or too oily. Maple ist Grofaz.

EDIT: ^ Have you not been to Guitar Center? What type of noob/unlucky person has not tried rosewood?
Rosewood. I've tried maple necks before and they are always sticky. Also, any kind of grime stands out horribly on them, so the usually look pretty nasty.

However, I love the dry feel and darker color of rosewood.
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^I agree. All my Strats are Rosewood. My hands sweat at times and the rosewood seems to absorb it so i don't get sloppy. The maple is nice too, but rosewood works for me.
^ it only gets all ****ty and sticky and grimey if you are say outside playing baseball, piss on your hands, then play gutiar without even running your hands under water...i clean my hands every time i play with soap, it makes everything not sticky at all, and also keeps everything looking new
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can someone post a pic pf a rosewood fretboard and a maple fretboard?
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Rosewood looks better than maple. But, that's just me.
If you meant fingerboards, rosewood. I just dont like the way the maple feels when Im playing, but I have only played a ****ty strat copy with a maple fretboard. Other than that, Ive only played rosewood. As for necks, I have never played with a solid rosewood neck, so I would have to go with maple
Ebony owns them both but between the two i pick rosewood. I lvoe maple for aneck but as a fingerboard its crap i think its very dry and unpleaseant to play on, and i dont like it asthetically(great as a neck though as it is smooth if you have it sanded good). ROsewood is my next favorite great feel great look only con i think its a bit to oily.

and my persoanly favorite ebony. Great not to hard not to soft. not to dry not to oily. Feels great to play on and looks awesome
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my sg fret board is rosewood, and I have play a maple fretboard on a fender strat and tele, i would go with maple
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Too bad ebony wasnt in this poll, because personally i find better than rosewood and rosewood...
but i would have to choose rosewood, i just prefer the feel alot better, enough its a bit oily
I've only ever owned guitars with rosewood. I like maple though...especially birdseye, its gorgeous! I guess I perfer rosewood, but if I ever got a strat/tele...it would have maple. I just love the look of it better.
On a strat, I'd have to think about it. Because the headstock is maple. Always. And if it's not, it sure isn't rosewood.
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I don't remember ever playing on a maple neck, but for a strat, I think it looks better than a rosewood neck
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rosewood, easier to mantain in a long run IMHO. I had a old laquered maple fretboard neck, turn kind of darkish in few frets that annoyed me abit. As for rosewood, normally i oil it when i change string, its a habit, dun find it a hassle
I have rosewood fingerboards on all my guitars/basses. I just like the way it feels and sounds, much darker. Also, maple fretboards get pretty grimey looking after a while, and the sound is a little too bright for me most of the time. When I get a tele I'll get a maple board, but for my all-purpose guitar...yeah, rosewood.

And ebony is awesome, I like it better on acoustics than electrics, though.
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ebony is definately the best followed by maple then rosewood, although you are asking about strats so ebony is not an option
Maple is apparently slightly brighter sounding, and rosewood warmer, but it's not easy to tell the differences really.

I love Teles and Strats with maple necks
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Maple is apparently slightly brighter sounding, and rosewood warmer, but it's not easy to tell the differences really.

I could tell the difference when I switched from maple to rosewood; but that could have depended on some other things (different tuners, thinner neck, tighter fit in the neckpocket).