I think this will work, correct me if I'm wrong. My plan is to mic all my bands amps and drums through a mixing board and then run a line from the mixing board to my laptop where I will be using Adobe Audition. Any problems here?

Also, in what order do you guys record? I think I am going to have all the guitar parts recorded first, then let the drummer play to it. One big reason for this is because my drummer hasn't been playing very long.
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you must record the drums first, after the bass, after rythym guitar, then lead guitar and solos, then vocals
use a metronome or click track if you record guitar first though. Do it in what ever order everyone is comfortable with, especially if it is your first time recording.
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Well I have recorded before, but no one else has. I think my other guitarist will be ok. But I think I should record my guitars and then let the drummer play to that because of his lack of experience.
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How is it attaching to the computer? FireWire? USB? PCI? (I'm assumng you're using the computer's sound card... if not, a mixing board won't do you any good.)
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Hey glad to see your band is getting into recording. To start off, you have 2 options. You can either record everybody at once live or record each instrument separately and them mix them all together on the computer. I?ll go into a little detail with both.

Recording everybody all at once has a major drawback, bleed through. Unless you are able to properly isolate each instrument, each microphone will pick up every instrument to some extent. If you?re willing to spend some cash you could isolate each instrument and buy a headphone amp so that you can hear yourselves playing.

A better option for people doing home recordings (or just in general) is to record tracks one at a time, and then mix them all together on the computer. This way you can control precisely the volume of each instrument at any time and you won?t have to worry about the drums sounding like the guitar is right next to them. You will probably want to go with this route. Your mixing board will still be useful. You can have one mic setup in front of the amp (center of the speaker, facing the paper edge of the speaker) and place a few others father away to capture the ambience.

If you record track by track, you will want to start off with the drums playing to a metronome. Keeping in-time can make or break an album. Unless you?re experienced with recording software, it?s just a pain to listen to off-time songs. If he?s a new drummer, then tell him to practice more at home and keep playing the song until he has it down pat. Next up, record the guitars, preferably rhythm first and any other parts after. Last, the vocals. Alas, I have to go I?ll try and finish this later.
yeah I agree with Redwing,
you wont get anything if your using the computers Mic In.
Psh that sound board would waste your time.
Its good if your using firewire to go into your computer, and yeah whatever order you want.
I would say guitar and drums in the beggingin
Vocals are last for me

Bleeding shouldnt be a MAJOR problem but think if you mess up on one instrument and it bleeds through and you can hear it on the other
ur screwed and the whole sound is lost.

so i recomment indivdual track recording too.
alright well im not helping im just repeating