is the mesa lonestar any good? it sounds like it has good cleans but does it have nice distorsion?

marshall mode four-yes i know it;s hybrid but why else is it bad? is being a hybrid really that bad? for a new halfstak it's like 1500 or 1600. would it be possible to convert it to all tube?

jcm 900-is it versitle? or is it mainly for hard rock and with a pedal metal?

krank revolution-is it true that all krank amps suck? how is the distorsion (i would hope it woul dbe brutal since it's krank) how are the cleans?

dual recto-can't forget this little guy. i have heard the cleans are so-so and from experiecnec the gain is crushing and volume is ear shattering. is there a difference between this and tthe triple recto?
lone star doesn't have much gain. the cleans are orgasmic though.

mode 4 is a peice of crap. seriously.

900 is pretty versitle.

krank's cleans suck. distortion, i don't like, but it's only for metal. pitch black no treble, no presence.

dual recto's have massive low end. passible cleans, really only for hard rock and metal imo. only real difference between it and the tripple is 50 watts.
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