hey, im lookin for a new guitar and was wondering if a guitar like a gibson es 335 or an epiphone casino-type box guitar would sound good for some rythm distortion and power chords. would something that is semi-hollowbody rock?
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A Semi-hollowbody should be fine for that as long as you don't use a TON of distortion. For low to mid distortion it should be great. I'd suggest that you go and try some semi-hollowbodies out and pick ones that you like.
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The Casino isn't a semi-hollow, it's a full hollowbody.

An ES-335 type guitar would do fine in a rock situation.
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Gilby Clarke played a hollow body live with GnR as well.
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Hollowbodys are great for rock, as long as you don't use huge amounts of gain unless you want lots of feedback etc, although some semi's hardy feed back at all.
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