hey so im thinkin of buyin a new distortion pedal but im not sure which one. i heard that the boss are pretty good and reliable but i dont really kno which model to get. my favorite band is green day, but theyre way too easy to play on guitar, so i mostly play stuff like metallica, chili peppers, mcr (even tho theyre emo theyre really good at guitar), megadeth, zepplin etc.

im also thinkin of gettin another effect pedal like a chorus, reverb, or delay to add to my clean tone and spice up my soloing. any help or suggestions would be great. ciao
hmm digitech eh...ive heard that they sound too digital, is that tru? and also 120 is a little bit too pricey for a distortion pedal but if it plays anythin from blues to metal than i guess its worth it
Before you go off spending money on a distortion pedal what kind of amp do you have? If you really want a distortion pedal the Boss DS-1 is very versitile, I've seen blues players use it aswell as metal players. It's by Boss and brand new it should only set you back $50 dollars, anything more that isn't modded is a rip off.
Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff. I've heard they are very versatile. Everything you need in one pedal. Yeah, it'll set you back $100 or so, but it'll save you from buying several pedals to get different sounds. I'm buying one soon.
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