I'm in a band and we haven't played any shows yet. But, when we get a gig I was wondering what types of stage antics to do. Like i want it to be a really energetic show and i want to go crazy...but...we play slow/ mellow songs so I have no idea what to do to make it an exciting show...our genre is like psychedelic/progressive rock (pink floyd, zeppelin, etc.)

Any ideas???
You could cut yourself, like Sid Vicious! =D

Or you could just play really well. People respond to that too.
You can cry on stage, I saw one guy do that, but we ended up laughing at him
Well the shows I've seen that are in your genre are generally don't have a ton of stage antics.

However, if you have a lead singer he could always spin the mic in a circle by its cable (tape it first). Your guitarist doesn't have to go crazy; just make sure he looks like he's in command of the guitar. Look at some videos of Hendrix to see what I mean; he isn't always jumping around, but he just gives off confidence when he's playing.

Probably the biggest thing would be interaction. A lot of inexperienced guys, when they're doing this mellow trippy stuff, will tend to focus all their attention inward on themselves. Look out into the crowd and try to interact with them, and also interact with your bandmates, particularly during solos. You don't have to jump around to show that you're into your playing.
do you have stacks(half stacks will do) if so, climb on it and do a back flip off. they will go crazy!
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Hang a disco ball from the center of the room where you're playing, and then attach lasers on the end of your guitars. Then when the song reaches the most exciting part, have the guitarists or whatever point the lasers at the disco ball. It would be a mad light show.
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yeah, dont worry too much about stage antics... nobody wants to see the dudes from pink floyd headbanging in sync and doing mario jumps.

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watch some video from led zeppplin an floyd and see how they handel it
i'm w/ nitro rebel, play well , don't just stand there, granted, have a little crowd interaction, but a band with no real stage show that digs what they're doing and sounds really good doing it will get more props than the awful band that can't play and goes crazy...... i've seen it many a times, which is why in the other thread (what is your trademark) i say don't worry about having one and just jam out and play well and they'll know