I just got my electric guitar 3 days ago so the first thing I learned was the led zeppelin whole lotta love solo and I just have a few quetions. I can play the solo alright but the tone is way off it sounds like there is no where near enough distortion(like im playing on the clean channel). I have just a basic 120$ amp and I think I have distortion is set as high as it gos so i was wondering if there is some kind of aftermarket part that creates all that distortion. Or what else can I do with my amp to get more thx

P.S - im a real newb to electrics.
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There might be a Distortion button on the amp, I would read the manual.
Yea, on most amps, you've got to press the button to switch from the clean channel. Like he ^ Said...read the manual. You didn't mention what Brand/Model your amp was. It's be a lot easier to help you if I knew that. Also, tweaking the e.q. will definately change your tone.

But if everything's in order, you're using the distortion right and everything, you've tweaked your tone, and it's just not enough, check out some distortion pedals. That would be the "aftermarket" solution to your problem. I've never used one personally, but I know a lot of people here can suggest good ones.
WEll you could get a distortion pedal, yes?

They are extremely popular and range drastically in price.

A basic Behringer one will only set you back about $50 (AUD), and that is quite a decent pedal.
Or you could go for a Boss which is about $300 dollars. Sure they're slightly better made, but really, half of that price is just for the shiny Boss logo.

Check out the Gear and Accesories forum for more info.
yes thx guys Ive figured out my problem I basicaly blew all my money on my guitar so I bought a cheap amp (peavey rage 180 or something) anyway the reviews say that distortion on it is very bad so yah will someone give me a musicains freind link to a good pedal. ( a basic but good one) and will the pedal make a big difference or not.
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Don't get a digitech grunge distortion, or any other pedal by them except the whammy pedal. Always go to the shop and try out stuff before you buy something. Also, Distortion pedals will change your tone and add distortion, while overdrives add distortion and don't affect your tone.

Boss DS1. Its cheap, yet gives a very generic, light and good distortion. It should be able to handle the tone you want no problem (Zeppelin), plus go harder. The DS1 reaches hard-rock territory.

This isn't your only option though. I would suggest going to a music store and trying out a few pedals in your price range. Though I like the DS1, it may not be your "cup of tea", so try everything out until you find what you like the most.
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