sounds egyptian

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really nice egyptian sounding lick there, if you could just build a song around that it would be so badass!
I have to agree that it sounds quite a bit like the intro to Raining Blood (well at least part of the riff does) Good though.
I liked it. The recording quality wasnt the best, but I think it would be a cool riff with some drums and chords behind it. I can see the resemblance between it and Raining Blood too. Could you crit one or two of my songs/covers?

Metal riff

The Trooper

Crazy Train
the riff is awesome but i think u need a better recording good job
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i could see that being liek a sign at an entrace to a theme park ,"remember to always be safe dont litter and remember to have a nice day in my pants!"

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nice, the only thing I didn't like was the way you started the little licks before the beat. I know you were trying to do that, but I think it might sound a little better if you just started them on the beat...

hope that made sense
yeah, I didn't word that very well... there's no acctual rhythm part, but there's always a beat, weather it's acctually played or not, and there's a part where he starts before the beat, and that's the only part I don't like. Either way though, it's a good riff...

that probably didn't make much sense either