Im stripping the body of my old Peavey, and I need to know if I need to sand everything or is there a paint stripper I can use? I know I can just scuff the pain, but vintage white over dark purple may not work too well.
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It can be done by just scuffing the paint and putting about 10-15 coats of white over that. But, from experience, if you use that method it could chip and then you'll have spots of the old color showing through. The best bet would be to sand it all the way down to bare wood and then repaint it. It takes a little more time but in the end its well worth it.
Scuff the paint wiht 220 grit, spray white primer, then your aged white, spray a couple more coats after you get to the point where the color doenst' show through. Then spray about 8 coats of clear lacuqer, adn buff. You shoudlnt' haev any problems.