Hey guys, I recorded some stuff the other day and placed it on a myspace...there are two songs, but I actually posted three, because the second song is the same as the first song, only there are two guitars playing it, and while the first guitar "solos" the second guitar plays the "rythm" part...and then at the last part of the song the second guitar does a solo, which has a short sweeping bit at the end of it...and then the last song is just a tapping lick that I wrote for a demonstration speech a couple months ago...anyway, it is here
thanks man! about the tapping being somewhat random, at first it was mainly improv, but then i played it a few more times and it started to fall into place...anyway as for your songs, i really liked the song golden sands...it had a really cool intro for the guitar, and overall, the vocalist you guys have isn't half bad...are you guys signed?
Sounds real good. I like how in the Unnamed Riff you added those "mini solos" between the riffs. I think you sound really good man! How long have you been playing?
didnt like it

1) bad tone

2) being on rythmn with drums is much more important than doing a showy riff here and there

3) youre little solo things inbetween were bland, repetitive, and often out of key.

4) you're riffage isnt anything and also gets boring quick.
ouch...that stings ;-)

1) what do you mean by "bad tone"?

2) the problem with the drums was that i made the drum track, then the guitar part, which i never planned on recording, and then someone suggested it to me, and when i mixed it all, they were slightly seconds apart...

3) as for them being bland, i guess that is all a matter of opinion...as for them being repetitive, the intros to them were, but the actual solo thingys varied in my opion...and as for them being out of key, they are all in the key of either d or e...which is what the song was written in...

4) the whole riffage thing is understandable, i guess...

5) that's nice and all, but how do you think i can improve my playing? that was what the point of this was

6) one last response, out of curiousity, could you show me something that you have written?
in response to 5 and 6:

well re read my things: improve your tone, i dont like it becuz plain and simple to me it dosnt sound good. about the drums, practice with a metronome and or drums more often so you're on rythmn better. for soloing, if you're SURe nothing was out of key, then you were hitting a lot of random notes which just wasnt doing it for me, you need to learn to only use what notes you need to and which will sound good, you can achieve this quicker by listening to many different soloing styles from different genres.

and i dont have anything by me recorded at the moment, and im a bassist, so somehow i dont see you'd want to listen to it anyhow.. (like the songs in my band arent gonna ..

o wait my one song that i did record with my band DOES have a bass solo lmao. ill see if i can upload it lol.
kewl(about the bass solo i mean)...anyway, thanks for the crit...i guess in some aspect the first one...needs some work...but what did you think of the tapping one?
in Tapping from Hell:

the parts before the tapping aint that bad, still work on rythmn.

the tapping itself could use work, its pretty sloppy in a lot of places.

umm i just found out i still have a dmusic accoutn lmao. so here i uploaded it, its "Blinded".

tell me if it works

yeah the tapping is sorta sloppy, that was a rushed job...i'll definitely redo that one sometime on saturday...okay, just heard it...god damn! now i see why you were so critical of mine, man the timing was perfect on that...the vocals needed some work though...but that's okay...either way, that was way better than mine...but then again, this was the one of the first things that i have recorded...
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but take into account that i have a bias against that kind of tapping lol :P.

i have my reasons.

EDIT: im not going to "brag" about my thing, but il tell you this. in my solo (which the song, i recorded like 3 months ago), i could have played a lot faster, but i didnt. cuz its not about speed, its about playing music that fits the song and sounds good and on time, thats what it all comes down to.

but yeah i shoulda warned u about the vocals :P (not me btw)
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not FLASHY, per se, just.. usually doesnt fit the song very well, very few times have i heard it being done well.

except bass tapping, theres a lot of bass tapping which sounds basically like piano, because basically it is piano parts on a bass guitar (usually done on a 6+ string bass)

but i dont do much bass tapping (i do a little in case i want to in the future, but i probly wont)

EDIT: When i say piano parts, i mean both bass part and melody (one per hand)
yeah i know what you mean, EVH does a good job though...but that is why i didn't place that in a song or anything, but recorded it as a standalone...
Still unnamed: I def liked the main riff, but the picking, although interesting, seemed somewhat unnessesary. I think in general that it should only be used to keep the momentum of the song going when the chorus seems to have run its course or for variation, and, especially without any rythem, it really just stalls the pace set by the opening riff(which i felt, although really cool, was kinda overused? using it less generously would def benefit the song and wouldnt take from the killer riff)... I think tone and timing have already been addressed and other than that,(and taking into account that its without a band to back up)its pretty damn good, potential...congrats dude...
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Still Unnamed

The rhytym riff is pretty good, allthough the tone needs improvement. You messed up the lead riffs. Some of them weren't in time, and the licks didn't sound that good anyway.

The whole thing got boring as it is very repetitive. Good attempt though.

Tapping From Hell

Cheesy title... Anyway, it wasn't bad but it wasn't anything spectacular either. Sounded like a Eruption rip-off to me. If you're going to make a song with having basically only tapping there, you need to think something more complicated or interesting there, because that one string Eruption-tapping-thingy has been done already milloin times before.

Keep it up!

I'd appreciate if you'd crit mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=373100
wasnt realy amusing at all, the timing was really off, the guitar and drums were out of sync completely.
Pretty much what has been said. I don't think it was that bad. The biggest problem for me was the tone. But just keep praticing with the drum tracks to improve timing.

As for mangablade...in "Blinded," your "solo" was nothing real special...I would like to hear some tapping. I play bass but never really got into tapping.
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Sounded like a Eruption rip-off to me. If you're going to make a song with having basically only tapping there, you need to think something more complicated or interesting there, because that one string Eruption-tapping-thingy has been done already milloin times before.

1) in eruption he's on the second string
2) he doesn't tap accross all six strings
3) it isn't on just one string
4) "...you need to think something more complicated or interesting there..." when i am tapping, my tapping hand(not fretting hand) is constantly alternating between the 14th and 12th frets, and then later it is simply tapping the fret that is 2 times the fretting hands position...
5) so it is eruption inspired, but not a ripoff, the tapping styles are totally different...evh ...it sorta pisses me off that whenever someone creates a tapping lick, it "must be a ripoff of a 'Eruption'"...also, i had never heard "Eruption" before that, I had heard "of" it, but not it...it was funny, cuz right after i wrote that, my dad dragged me over to the computer to show me eruption, cuz i was never "that into" van halen, but now i worship the guy!

it wasnt fun to listen to sorry...

1. timing
2. tapping from hell alright
3. your out of key completely

1. yeah, the timing wasn't all that great, but it wasn't as bad as you all are making it seem
2. thanks
3. i am not out of key! the main riff is in the key of D and E...actually i think it is in E#...and even then, all the "solos" are written in E...so it is the matter of one fret, so if it really pisses you off that much, i'll re-record it, one fret higher!

anyway, thanks for the crit guys, i am def gonna record a better take of the tapping thing...and i'll try to work on the timing for the unnamed one...the thing is, these were my first recordings, so nervousness played into all of that as well, cuz when i play live i keep in time farely well, at least i am told...so i will get some better takes done, and then hopefully some of you will change your minds...