k, so i need to lower the action on my acoustic. This means i have to sand some part of the bridge down right? now do i sand down the inside of the bridge, or do i just sand down the saddle?
yea, i know, ive got it measured evenly, and its about a milimeter, its just someone told me that it has to be the inside, not the saddle, and he's a pretty liable source most of the time... thanx
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if that doesnt work... get your truss rod adjusted

Yea Im with him on that^
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nah the trusses are good, its just sitting high, i bought it recently, its a Takamine, and its not bowing in any way, my old gibson did that i know the look of it.

no, its just that ive never done this, ive only been playing for 4 years, but what he told me didnt sound right
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if the action only needs to be lowered a milimetre, then just deepen the slot a little bit. About half a mm.

Then just sand the saddle a bit.