^ya, its an epi les paul standard, 1993 samick made one

it weighs about 7.5 pounds, so theres probably some alder in the somewhere

those pics are both pickup cavities, and the toggle switch cavity

i'll post some more pics

PS. Isnt mahogany suppose to have a reddish colour to it?
Mahogany is more brown then red, I guess it can have a hint of red if you get a really dark eice of wood, but the light colored peices are more tanish white.
It is hard to tell from the photos, it would be easiler to look up the specs for your guitar and find out that way.
ya, its an epi les paul... but i dont really trust the describtion they give because there really inconsist... ive heard of people getting epis that are made out of agathis, basswood, mahogany/alder, all alder... all mahogany...
What there say it is, it most likely is. I've never heard of agathis and basswood deing used in epi les pauls, some of the lower end models are plywood.
I don't think it's mahogany, although the first picture does make it look sort of like that. Could be agathis, basswood, or maybe alder. Most likely a blend of some of those. The neck may be mahogany though. Can you post pictures of the back? That might help. Also, I don't think I've ever seen an Epi with a long tenon before!
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Really? i always thought it was alder

It is alder
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Thanks epacers, that was a load of help.

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think so, the neck appears to be mahogany,, and someone mentionned it was a long tenon... anyone know anything about this? is this normal on epi LP standards?