Okay here's what I want in detail

Neck: Traditional, warm and sweet, Stratocaster sound. Needs to maintain the traditional sound like John Frusciante/RHCP has. Basically I just want to upgrade from the stock neck pickup to something more quality with the same type of sound. Must come in pink.

Middle: Not really concerned too much but traditional, warm and sweet on this too. Must come in green.

Bridge: Pretty much decided on this, I want a Steve Vai tone, but I'd hopefully be able to do Jimi Hendrix stuff with the guitar overall as well. So I'm thinking the DiMarzio Evolution in blue.

For the neck I'm thinking the FS-1 Standard Strat pickup, or under their hum canceling (not a big deal to me really) pickups, the HS-2 or the YJM.

For the HS-2, which I think I like, it describes it as
"n humbucking mode, it's got a solid, natural sound that's cleaner and brighter than a conventional humbucker, while single-coil mode creates one of the best vintage tones around."

How do you make it go in single-coil mode? Is this a mod or is it referring to the 2/4 positions on a Strat?
im not an expert on this but it has something to do with coil splitting/tapping. Try a search with coil splitting on UG and it will tell you exactly how it works. It splits the coils so only one half works(single coil sound) or normal humbuck. I think?