Hey everyone,
Nowadays, i cant really ever find people who truly enjoy Pearl Jam as much as i do. I mean, sure, there are people who sayd "oh, that song of theirs was really good", but that's about it. Im here to talk to fellow pearl jam fans who truly know their music. Im talking about those of you who have all their albums, some who enjoyed binaural and riot act, etc. Drop a message, this is for talking all about pearl jam!
To start it off, what are some of your favorite songs? For me, its:

In My Tree
God's Dice
Nothing as it Seems
Hard to Imagine
Yellow Ledbetter
Army Reserve
Severed Hand
Inside Job
I got Id
Love Boat Captain
Save You

and tons others, this is just a small list to get things moving. thanks everyone

what i really like about pearl jam are how fun there songs are to play, it sounds good and its fun to pick up the guitar and play. I like to play some in acoustic too
I've never heard any Pearl Jam I hear they're similar to Nirvana, who I'm a big fan of. Is there anywhere I can listen to some of there tunes for free? Myspace youtube etc?
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Yeh Pearl Jam are the greatest band ever, but there's already like a massive thread somewhere here, but Yes, pearl jam is awesome.

It's hard to list favourite songs.


Present Tense
Rearview mirror
Parting Ways
I am Mine
Dead Man
Given to Fly
Come Back
Inside Job

This is getting stupid...i like every song...excepts never really got into WMA, or like bugs or stupid mop from vitaology...

Cool .
I've never seen anyone else agree with me, but their best song is 'Insignificance' followed by 'Nothing as it seems', and then 'Black', 'Do the evolution', 'Evenflow' and 'Animal'.

Anyway, there's already a huge PJ thread, please seek it out.
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