Hey everyone It's kinda late and I just registered and I just got home from my Dad's, where he gave me an old Epiphone hollow body. He told me it's probably over 30 years old, however it looks like it's in good shape. So I cleaned it up and it looks pretty good (only 3 strings) but it's a beauty. I plugged it in, waited a little bit for the amp to warm up, and I strummed and there was no sound, but when i would take my hands away from the strings i would get fret buzz. But no sound when i play. So i wondered if it was my amp, but i hooked up the Strat and it worked fine.... So if anyone could give me some hints on what could be wrong or how i can fix anything, it would be helpful. Thank you.
Pics would help.
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It sounds like you have a good classic guitar. I would personally have it professionally done.
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i know this sounds dumb but ive done this and havent figured it out for like 30 minutes........ make sure the volume on the guitar is turned up and make sure theres no faulty wireing

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How many pickups does it have?
If it's got 2, try plugging in and see if the other one works.

If not, it could have faulty/broken wiring.

Send it to a pro, old Epis can be worth q a bit.
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