I was looking at two different amps and trying to decide which of the two I should get...

It comes down to:

Randall RG75G3
Marshall AVT50X

What do ya'll think?
dont get the marshall!!!!!
im not just gonna jump on the bandwagon, and say it sucks like everyone else though... but its basically a marketing scheme. its the same as an mg, but it has one tube, which does nothing to affect the tone, and it costs a lot more. so if you like that amp do your self a favor and just buy an mg, youll save hella money for the same amp. i would recommend a real tube amp though.
neither, you could get a decent tube amp for that amount of money...

which is ALOT better than the amps your planning on getting, which are solid states with 1 tube, and sound nowhere as good as tube amps
try out a peavey valveking 212($580) or the peavey valveking 112($500) both great amps

or a hot rod deluxe(600) with a good distortion pedal